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    A new version of the Entrepreneur Visa bill provides hope for overseas investors seeking to invest or start up businesses in the United States...
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Welcome from David B. Gardner
Attorney at Law,

The American Immigration Law Group and the Law Offices of David B Gardner Inc is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on changes to US immigration laws. We have created this site in order to keep you posted on the changes to immigration laws as they occur .You are invited to participate in the immigration reform debate and to read different perspectives as well as to comment and provide your feedback on our Immigration Reform Blog. This immigration reform website is intended to help plan, prepare for future changes in the Immigration laws. You are invited to use it as a resource to keep updated. You can also contact us by phone or email for a free initial consultation to review your immigration status.

This website is intended for:

  • EMPLOYERS who wish to keep updated on compliance with new laws and regulations for verifying employment authorization for their employees and changes on laws for temporary work visas such as H-1B and L-1.

  • ENTREPRENEURS who may wish to invest and work in the US and may benefit from new proposals for visas for venture capital and job creation.

  • INVESTORS who want to be kept informed on developments on the EB5 and other investor visas and EB5 Regional Centers.

  • STUDENTS who have graduated High School and may be eligible for the Dream Act if they are in unlawful status.

  • GRADUATES who are seeking to remain in the United States after their F-1 visas and optional practical training period expires.

  • UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS who need to be kept updated on available options to obtain legal status for themselves and their families.

For more specific information on the Guest Worker Program and to find out how this part of the immigration reform may affect you, please visit For other information on current legal immigration options go to

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