The Law Offices of David B. Gardner, Inc. provides comprehensive representation in all aspects of United States Immigration and Nationality law.
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About the Law Offices of David B. Gardner Inc


Firm Overview

The Law Offices of David Gardner Inc were established in 1985 and are recognized as one of the premier immigration law firms in Los Angeles California. Since that time have we been providing clear and impartial advice to individuals and businesses from all over the world. We also assist our clients with immigration law cases throughout the United States. We help guide our clients through the Immigration maze in order to obtain the best results from the various Government Agencies and Courts which deal with United States Immigration and Naturalization matters.

We take pride in giving personal attention and service and to finding creative and ethical solutions to complex immigration and visa questions. We look to solve problems by applying our legal expertise with careful consideration of the practical aspects of each individual case. Our legal fees are fair and reasonable and we provide several payment options including installment billing and accept major credit cards.


Members of our Team are fully bilingual in Spanish and Turkish and we are able to obtain assistance with communication in several other languages including Farsi, Hindi, Korean and Mandarin and Urdu


We are familiar with the many rules and regulations affecting those who wish to live in the United States, whether this is for business, investment, study, work, marriage or other family reasons. In 1990 our firm received the Martindale Hubbell A.V. rating (this is the highest evaluation given to American lawyers by their peers - other lawyers and judges). David B Gardner is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law and has been nominated for listing in the Super Lawyers’ Directory for 2011.


American Immigration Law Group represents individuals and businesses worldwide in all areas of immigration and nationality law. Whether you are an investor, employer business or corporation or an individual applying for asylum, facing deportation/removal, or seeking a temporary visa, citizenship or lawful permanent residency based on family relations or employment, we will provide you with the highest caliber of professional services. Our clients include investors, multinational corporations entertainers, health care professionals, outstanding professors and researchers, individuals facing all forms of persecution and undocumented persons without legal immigration status. In the post-September 11 climate, it is particularly important that you have a highly qualified lawyer to ensure that your rights and interests are protected and adeptly represented.


Our commitment to providing exceptional services means that, as your lawyer, we will take the time to listen to your needs, discuss your case with you and explain complicated legal concepts. We will obtain all relevant background information and come up with an effective and innovative legal strategy tailored to your particular situation. If your case requires attending an interview or hearing, we will make sure that you are prepared and fully understand the purpose and nature of the proceedings. We are experienced in representing clients before the Department of Homeland Security USCIS, the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office, the U.S. District Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Given our excellent academic credentials, and more than 30 years of  Professional experience you can rest assured that your case will be extensively researched, well-briefed and presented in a persuasive and compelling manner.


Recognizing that many of our clients are in very stressful situations or may have experienced human rights violations in the past, we do our utmost to make our clients feel comfortable and safe. Our office is easily accessible and provides a pleasant, relaxed environment. We are particularly attuned to sensitive issues such, sexual orientation, domestic violence and other forms of abuse or persecution, we take matters of confidentiality very seriously. We have a strong commitment to protecting human rights and civil liberties and are creative and compassionate advocates who take pride in our work and enjoy the challenges of immigration law.

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